Airline Pilots'

Association South-Africa

The National Voice of Pilots
You are accountable, but who out there is looking after YOUR needs?

ALPA-SA is the only organisation that caters solely for the needs of flight deck crew.  It has no vested commercial interest in aviation, and is a non-profit organisation, funded solely from membership subscriptions.

The members of this Association bond themselves to the purpose of:

  • Striving for a safer system of air transportation and applying professional standards throughout the industry.
  • Representation of our members at all relevant national and international forums
  • Exchanging pertinent technical, industrial and professional information.
  • Upholding the honour and dignity of all members and staff.
  • Ensuring responsible, accurate and informed publicity regarding the affairs of the Association and the industry.
To the achievement of this mission, members will strive for co-operation in all that affects the common interest, whilst respecting individual employment rights and privileges.



The only body in SA catering specifically for the needs and protection of pilots and flight engineers.


Members have access to a range of important documents, relevant forms and medical information.

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Led by ALPA-SA President, ALPA's Executive Committee consists of aviation professionals.


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