The National Voice of Pilots

ALPA-SA is committed to its role of maintaining a safe and orderly system of air transportation. By utilising its links with local and international bodies, ALPA-SA endeavours to promote safety in the environment in which its members are applying their skills. In so doing, ALPA is actively involved in the two-way exchange of pertinent technical, industrial and professional information, which is disseminated to members, operators, regulatory authorities and to any other parties who may be able to make positive use of such info.

As a professional pilot you require certain facilities, support and information. In your hands are the lives of your crew and passengers and the equipment of your employer. You are accountable, but who out there is looking after YOUR needs? ALPA-SA is the only organisation that caters solely for the needs of flight deck crew. It has no vested commercial interest in aviation, and is a non-profit organisation, funded solely from membership subscriptions.

No matter where your aviation career takes you, ALPA-SA and IFALPA are right there with you! Whether you fly locally in South Africa or internationally, assistance is a phone call away.

The Global Voice of Pilots

Through its affiliation to IFALPA (International Federation of Air Line Pilots Associations), ALPA-SA is one of 101 Member Association’s around the world, making up a global voice of 100 000 pilots.

The Federation develops and constantly updates an international pilots’ viewpoint on all matters impacting upon the profession and affecting generally the safety of air transport operations. It achieves this through the work of a number of specialist committees comprised of active airline pilots.

IFALPA interacts with other major aviation bodies such as ICAO, the Airports Council International (ACI), the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the Flight Safety Foundation (FSF), the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and the International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers Associations (IFATCA).

In fact, IFALPA is one of only two organisations (the other being IATA) to have a permanent seat at ICAO.


Aviation is our Business and our Culture

ALPA-SA is an association for pilots by pilots.

Association activities are extramural, yet directly related, to your career as a professional pilot. You have a role to play at every level within the Association, and through the Association you also have a role to play at every level within the industry.

Service providers structure facilities to meet the requirements of aviators. Forums exist within ALPA-SA and IFALPA for you to communicate with service providers to ensure the safety and efficiency of your operation.

When you join ALPA you are endorsing an international code of ethics and professionalism that is an asset to your company and your passengers.

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A web site is updated several times per week and fulfils the role of providing aviation information that is both essential and entertaining. ALPA-SA also is also available on various social media sites such as Facebook.

Links to the social media sites are as follows:


In-house bulletins, safety advisories and flyers are distributed both on e-mail and as hard copy on a regular basis.


Opportunities for networking are provided in the form of social get-togethers, specially convened meetings, and relevant seminars and working committee forums.

A member’s level of involvement is personally determined, but as with any Association the value of ‘what is in it for me?’ is directly related to the level of participation.

Union Status

ALPA-SA is a registered trade union for pilots holding valid South African Com. and ATP licences. In terms of local labour legislation, branches of ALPA-SA enjoy the right to negotiate with their employers on all issues they impact on their employment contracts and benefits.

While ALPA is structured to address issues based on collective common ground, as defined in employee groups, membership of the Association offers a multi-faceted fraternity that offers a common link regardless of licence privileges and place of employment.


A National Executive (NE) of elected members is the policy making body of ALPA. The chairperson from each branch and affiliated group has a seat on this body as have the portfolio directors, who are appointed by the NE for the particular expertise and background they may bring to the Association.

A permanent staff of appropriate skilled personnel is responsible for the day to day operation of the ALPA headquarters, providing a stable support structure to the volunteer pilots.


Expertise in the form of technical and safety support is available to any member on request. Within this framework are committees dedicated to accident analysis, airport design and operation, airport ground environment, air traffic services, dangerous goods, human performance (which includes medical issues) and security.

A technical reference library is available to members.

Research facilities are available through IFALPA, US ALPA and other Member Associations.

Industrial and legal advice and assistance on aviation / employment related matters are available to members through ALPA HQ.


  • Belong to an international fraternity of professional aviators
  • Receive technical, safety and industry updates beyond the parameters of ‘just doing the job’
  • Reap the benefits of shared industrial information and experience
  • Participate in the structures responsible for negotiating all aspects of your livelihood
  • Be involved in the development of up-to-date relevant aviation legislation
  • Play a role in training and developing aviators of the future
  • Participate in sport and social activities organised by the Association


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