Executive Committee

Carl Bollweg: ALPA-SA President and AFI South
Tel: 083 260 7521

Carl qualified for his SAAF wings in 1983. His postings included 42 Squadron, CFS Dunnottor, 84 LAFS, 81 LAFS and 41 Squadron. In 1994 he joined Comair and in 2000 he moved to SAA where he currently serves as a Captain on the B737-800.

Since 1996 he served as chairman of the Human Performance Committee (HUPER) of ALPA-SA. He works closely with IFALPA where he has been serving as the Regional Vice President of the AFI South Region since 2007.

Cobus Toerien: Technical Director (Temp) and AAP Chairman  
Tel: 083 381 3084

  • High School Pretoria North, Born in Pretoria
  • SFO A340 & Flight Safety Specialist [SAA]
  • Ex Vlammie [SAAF 2, 3 & 8 Sqn]
  • BMil at the Military Academy

Blue Bull Supporter [of the BLUE kind], Hobbies = Sailing / Diving / Skiing & Avaition.

Brendon Nortje: ALPA-SA Vice President
Tel: 083 229 7424

Mahendren Naidoo: Security Chairman and elected member
Tel: 072 423 8417

Yugan Moodley: AGE Chairman and elected member
Tel: 083 343 4891

Trevor Williams: HUPER Chairman and elected member
Tel: 079 885 5817

Trevor began his aviation career in the ground operations and V.I.P. Passenger Handling division for a charter operator in Johannesburg in 2003, while working towards obtaining a Commercial Pilots License.

Once appropriately licensed he went on to fly various aircraft in the charter and contract environment. When the opportunity presented itself to enter a regional airline operation in 2007, Trevor joined Airlink Regional in Johannesburg, flying the Embraer E135 Regional Jet with for 3 years.

Moving on from there, Trevor took up employment at Comair Ltd. Where he has remained since being employed in September 2010, and now operates as a Captain on the Boeing 737 fleet based out of Johannesburg.

Phil Meredith: Industrial Director and SAXPA Chairman
Tel: 083 325 9911

Wendy Santilhano: Mayday-SA
Tel: 082 496 8728

I believe that life is a journey and presents us with the most amazing opportunities for discovery and growth.

In high school I decided that I wanted to learn to fly. I did not manage to do so for many years. After school I studied psychology and statistics at UCT. Over many years I have pondered how to integrate two of my passions: working with people, and, flying.
After my undergraduate degree I worked at UCT doing student advising with the students in university bridging programmes. From there I moved to the University of the Western Cape where I implemented a campus-wide student financial aid project.

In 1994, I left to study a Master’s in Intercultural Management in the USA. Aside from South Africa in general, this became a time of personal transition. I realized that it was important for me to ‘live without regret’…this paradigm became the catalyst to following my dream. I found a flight school in San Diego and began to learn to fly. Completing my degree led me to do an internship in the CRM section of North West Airline’s Flight Operations, and 2 wonderful years in Minneapolis.

In 1998 I returned to South Africa with my FAA Commercial license. In 2000 I got a job as a charter pilot at Rossair. Currently I fly as a first officer on A319s for SAA.
While flying charter, I study various counseling and psychology courses.

In 2009 I studied Personal Life Coaching. Currently am practicing as a coach and working towards my accreditation. My field of focus and interest is Coaching Pilots, to explore the role and relevancy of coaching for flight crews. I hope to pursue this avenue in further graduate studies.

Presently, I am spearheading the implementation of ALPA’s Wellbeing portfolio to establish structures to address the mental and emotional issues that confront pilots.

In my spare time - I dance.

Grant Back: SAAPA Chairman
Tel: 083 251 1861

Ryan van Wijk: CPA Chairman
Tel: 061 348 2655

Werner Bathauer: APA Chairman
Tel: 083 286 1801
: CPA Vice Chairman and elected member
Adriel Solomon: Elected Member
Tel: 082 620 9078
Johan Kotze: Elected Member and Financial Director
Tel: 083 235 1929
Jordan Butler: MPA Chairman
Tel: 076 744 6300