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Frequently Asked Questions

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International Youth Program

The Program matches your family with an airline family abroad so your teen can travel in the summer. A program for airline employees.
The program connects teens ages 14 to 19 with a similar-aged teen from an airline family abroad. The teen uses his or her family’s flight privileges to travel. They spend two weeks together in each of their homes, for a total of four weeks.
During the exchange, your son or daughter has the opportunity to explore another country, learn about another culture and improve his or her foreign language skills from someone their same age.
We have matched more than 6,000 teens since 1994 from a wide range of countries, including Canada, USA, Austria,

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Log Ten Pro Offer
Please take note that ALPA-SA does not endorse and is not affiliated with Log Ten Pro however this offer is available to the pilots indvidually.

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