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    • ALPA Printable Membership Application Form

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    • ALPA Fatigue Report/Form

As you may be aware, new and improved Flight and Duty Limitations have been proposed and are being considered by CARCOM. To get this approved, we need information and statistics regarding fatigue.

In order for the ALPA-SA proposal to achive the best outcome, it is vitally important that we back it up with fatigue reports. We hereby urge all airline pilots to file fatigue reports, so that we may gather the necessary information to give us more leverage when submitting the proposal to CARCOM again - Click here for Fatigue Form

    • IFALPA DF9 Report

Please “Click on the “submit form” button in the top right hand corner of the document, and the form will be sent to the outbox of your email programme for sending next time you connect to the internet, alternatively forms can be sent directly to for distribution to the committee member dealing with this portfolio - Click here for the DF9 Form

    • Laser Incident Reporting Form

Please note that all articles relating to Laser Incidents/Reports are posted under the HUPER Committee link under the main link Committees - Click here for Laser Report Form

    • Updates to CATS – Medical Certification – 05 July 17

In the flurry of changes in the regulations and technical standard in preparation for and the wake of the ICAO audit, the SACAA have published some updates to the CATS pertaining to medical certification. Lucky for you I have done the work of wading through the vast quantity of material and I've distilled the information down to the essence, thus saving you from potential eye strain (for which there is a protocol!) - Click here to read more